Blade Repair Services


Technical Service and Support / After Sales Service

Tool design

Each application requires a unique and specialized configuration of the tools. This is where our product management team becomes active, which will consult you regarding the individual design options - for example, regarding the following points:

Contact us! Together with you, we will surely always be able to formulate the optimal solution based on our experience and our expertise, even for difficult sawing applications.


In-house training at Heinemann Saw

Each tool is only as good as the person who uses it. We organize customized seminars and training courses in our facilities for our customers and representatives.

Individual corporate training at your site

In addition, we hold industry and user-specific lectures on our customer's premises about the cutting technology, and also conduct the appropriate on-site training upon request.


Heinemann Saw has been recognized by United States' Patent Office as the early leader in Circular Saw blade technology.

In 1960, George E. Heinemann was awarded Patent 3,107,706 for the Low Noise (Known as the Gold Dot) Circular Saw Blade.

In 1962, John A. Elmes was awarded Patent 3,177,747 for a Cool Circular Saw Blade that changed the way that thermoplastic materials were cut.

In 1969 John A. Elmes received Patent 3,576,200 for his work in developing a 5-Chip Grind Tooth Pattern which left a smooth and polished finish on non-ferrous materials.

Since this time, Heinemann Saw has continued to advance cutting techniques in several cutting applications. Much of this work has been in partnership with our customers, resulting in proprietary designs that are optimized for the challenge.

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