Segmental circular cold saw blades


Segmental circular saw blades consist of a chrome vanadium alloy steel body on which a precision machined tongue and grove style high Speed steel Segment in DMo5, material number 1.3343, or as an option EMo5 Co5, material number 1.3243, heat treated to 62/65 HRC, are united. Each segment is mounted and secured by four body rivets and two alignment or connecting rivets which join the segments to form an integral unit. This principle makes it possible to repair a damaged segment by simply removing one or more segments and re sharpening the blade.

The Segmental milling cutter type saw blades are furnished with the standard Triple Chip tooth form for cutting carbon steel, alloy’s and stainless steel materials. The concept of a high tooth or roughing tooth is chamfered to 45 degrees on both sides, cutting only in the center, while the low tooth or finishing tooth completes the cutting action. The segments have a generous taper on each side of the tooth form along with radial ground coolant channels, designed to allow the coolant to dissipate the heat and to produce a clean cut in solid materials, tubes, channels, angles, beams, grating.

Technical support is always available to assist in operating instructions, break in procedures and trouble shooting. A complete repair and reconditioning service is available by our competent craftsmen and skilled saw smiths to accurately tension and straighten all segmental type saw blades.

Designs and dimensions HSS S 6-5-2 (DMo5) as PDF