Metal cutting circular saw blades

Available from 5" (127mm) to 23" (600mm) Diameters with kerf width .032" thru .250"

The solid HSS may be made from either M2 tool steel, M35 or M42 tool steel, alloyed with additional cobalt. Solid HSS saw blades are heat treated and hardened to 64/65 HRC for ferrous cutting applications and 58/60 HRC for non-ferrous cutting applications. This high hardness gives the cutting edges of the teeth a high resistance to heat and wear. However, this increased hardness also makes the blades brittle and not very resistant to shock. In order to produce a high quality HSS cold saw blade, you must start with very flat and properly tensioned raw material. The blades must be press quenched after hardening to prevent them from being warped. The term HSS doesn't necessarily mean what it implies. These blades are usually never run at surface speeds higher than 350 SFM. Solid HSS cold saw blades may be used for cutting many different shapes and types of metal including: tubes, extrusions, structural sections, billets, bars, ingots, castings, forgings etc. These blades may also be coated with special wear resistant coatings such as titanium nitride (TiN) or titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN).

  • Available from 5" to 20" Diameters with kerf width .032" thru .250" as well as metric sizes
  • Accurate and precision sharpening for extended tool life
  • Standard steam oxide treated or bright finish blades available from stock
  • Hardened and Tempered 62/65 RWC
  • M-35, M-42 and cobalt blade by quotation
  • High performance coatings upon request